Afnan Water

Sahat Afnan Water Factory was established in January 1996, it began production in April 1998. The water is a natural drinking water, pure, light, and refreshing, suitable for all ages. And we are happy to cooperate with by supplying you with our products. Our water plant was awarded the (ISO 9001 - 2000) from the SGS of international standards. And it also holds a certificate of quality label from the Saudi specifications and standards. Our water products are extracted from underground wells and are subject to careful quality tests with the most modern machinery located in the Middle East. A feature we feel not available to others. There's also a special section in the plant for bottle manufacturing, this section uses the advanced French Seidel machinery, considered the best in making PET bottles.

Our filling section  is equipped With German KRONES machines of world reputation in the field of bottled water and beverages, the section is equipped also with cup filling machines with 7500 cup/hr capacity

The blow molding section depends on the machinery supplied from SIDEL, the famous French Company in making the best PET blow mold machines

Our packaging section consists of two production lines (carton Packaging line/shrink bag system), it uses Italian S.M.I. packaging high quality machines.
Water treatment plant has a lab equipped with all equipment, instruments and modern test devices required to analyze water chemically and perform Bacterial tests with technicians highly experienced in Analyzing water.
SAHAT AFNAN mineral water factory owns the latest technology of water production equipment and labs.

The water treatment plant equipment is provided from METITO the American Company
Specializing in producing water treatment equipment.